About the game Edit

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Officially licensed by Razor USA, a company that makes scooters and safety equipment, Razor Freestyle Scooter has you controlling one of ten characters though a series of three environments while trying to perform various stunts and aerial maneuvers (a total of 45 moves are available in the game). The game was unlicensed outside of North America and released in Europe as simply Freestyle Scooter.

Built using the Grind Session skateboarding engine, Razor tells the story of a group of kids whose friends have been captured by an evil giant robot. Over the course of the game, the youngsters will have to complete an assortment of challenges to rescue their pals. Once the necessary tricks and objectives have been completed, a special level opens up where players will have an opportunity to rescue one of the captured friends.

After accomplishing this, players return to the main levels, this time with a more difficult set of challenges to overcome. The game does not end until all the special levels are unlocked, and all of the friends, including Ultimate Fighting Championship star Tito Ortiz, have been rescued.

Soundtracks Edit

Artists on the soundtrack include Sloppy Meat

eaters, Sickshift, Ex Number Five, Threefoot, and Never Too Late.

  1. (Blank Data Track) or Sloppy Meateaters - Outta Control
  2. Never Too Late - A Story About Us
  3. Never Too Late - I'm Not Giving Up On This One
  4. Ex Number Five - Not Go
  5. Ex Number Five - Just Sit Back And Relax
  6. Threefoot - Betray
  7. Sloppy Meateaters - Outta Control
  8. Sloppy Meateaters - Brand New Kind Of
  9. Sickshift - Despicable

When was it invented Edit

This scooter game came out on December 11th, 2000.

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