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After selecting one of the ten characters available from outset, the player must to defeat the enemy in battle by winning two out of three rounds.It uses a six-button layout: four of which are responsible for the attacks—one punch, one kick, and the other two for weapon attacks—, and the other two for special actions. This game also features instant kill techniques that, if successfully lands on an opponent, ends the match. It uses a tension gauge, which fills up when the character gets hit or takes damage. When it is full, characters become stronger, and can input certain commands to activate special-moves called Chaos Attacks. The game has a feature called Chaos Mode that is activated when a character's health is at the half-way point (yellow bar). A red aura will surround the character and he/she is able to perform unlimited Chaos Attacks. It features three modes: "Arcade Mode", single mode, culminating in battles with the bosses and the only one that reveals character's reasoning for fighting; "Versus Mode", which gives the opportunity to play against another player;  and "Training Mode", which allows to practice. The game settings allow the player to set the duration of the round, but not allow to change the number of rounds in a fight, and the difficulty in the single mode.

Characters Edit

Guilty Gear features ten playable characters available from outset. The characters have different styles of fight, special abilities, as well as weapons, which some do not have, fighting only with their bodies. Aside from the initial ten, the player can unlock three hidden characters to use them only in the "Versus Mode". The outset characters are Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Dr. Baldhead, Kliff Undersn, Ky Kiske, May, Millia Rage, Potemkin, Sol Badguy—the main character—, andZato-1, while Baiken, Justice, and Testament are boss characters that are unlockable.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on October 31st, 1998.