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About the game Edit

Grudge Warriors places the player in control of one of eleven special armored cars. Each one is equipped with five types of weaponry. Four of the weapons are similar on all the cars; the fifth weapon is unique to the vehicle. In single-player, the objective for each mission is to destroy enemy tanks, gun emplacements, vehicles, and generators; there are always eight at each base which must be destroyed. In addition, players can collect tokens as an optional objective; these tokens allow for upgrades and boost the player's score. Some generators can only be reached by solving puzzles; for example, toggling switches which lower otherwise-impenetrable shields surrounding a generator. Every player vehicle features both armor and health; power-ups which replenish both can be found scattered throughout the maps. In addition, the player has only a finite amount of ammunition for each weapon. When the player's health is reduced to zero, the game is over and the mission must be restarted. In addition to the campaign, The two-player split Screen than destroying the opponents' vehicle, and no other turrets or enemies besides the other player.

Story Edit

Grudge Warriors takes place in a dystopian future Earth, where nations and governments have been replaced with rival thugs and gangs. These gangs not only stage raids and assaults on their enemies, but also run "Death Rings", where the most powerful gangs have duels between their highly armored vehicles. There are a total of eleven gangs, who each occupy different parts of the world, operating from strongholds.

Players assume the role of an upstart gang member who is attempting to defeat his rivals. Players are allowed to begin the mission by selecting a gang and car; the player then proceeds to play through the campaign using that vehicle. Each mission starts with the player being dropped off at an enemy base, then fighting through defenses to destroy the team's generators. If the player defeats all ten rival gangs, he or she will be invited to fight "the Crime Lord", head of the Death Rings.

Gangs and Their specialties Edit

1.Pikes Squad-Construction 2.Norse Force 5-Ice/Viking themes 3.Disciples of Pog-Crazy Antics 4.Pyromaniacs-Fire 5.Robotek-Robotics/Cybernetics 6.Chrome Dimension-Electricity 7.H2SO4-Acid 8.Death Corps-Military Weapons 9.Sun Dogs-Sand/Arabian themes 10.Freestyle A's-Speed/Racing 11.Slick Runners-Oil/Grease and Grime

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on April 27th, 2000.

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