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About the game Edit

The "Groove Editor" allows for in depth manipulation of samples collected. Several tracks can be mixed at once, controlling speed, pitch, frequency and modulation with a series of colored crystals. Mixes can be saved to memory card, and then played during levels. Controlling the dolphin allowed the player to add improvisations during the playback sessions, frequency being mapped to the up/ down controls, and modulation to left/ right.

Levels Edit

The player goes through many stages in order to unlock more sounds, some of which including "Abyss Lair" and "Jungle Reef". Levels can be replayed and selected from the Silent Space, which contains twelve geometric shapes representing the levels "passed". The player starts in the first stage "Peace" and continues through to "Abyss", and ten other levels. Each level contains its own sound set, which can be imported into other levels on completion of the level.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on December 6th, 1996.

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