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About the game Edit

The format of the game is similar to arcade game such as Golden AxeFinal Fight or Streets of Rage. As the player controls the superheroes through the various levels, groups of thugs, robots, and mutants will appear on each screen and need to be destroyed before the player can advance. Each character has various short-range fighting moves (i.e. punching, kicking, jumping, and even tossing enemies into the back or foreground) that can be used to destroy the various minor enemies and the bosses. Some of these minor enemies will leave behind icons that give the player an extra life, or restore their health or superpower energy bar. Each character has a circular "super power" energy bar; this allows the use various special fighting moves. At the end of each level, there is a supervillain to defeat, i.e. Mole Man, Super-Skrull, Attuma, Sub-Mariner, Psycho-Man, Doctor Doom. After the defeat of the boss, without the loss of any player life, there is one of three bonus rounds. The fights here are set against Dragon Man, the Incredible Hulk, or Iceman. During the loading time between each level, the player is able to play a mini-car racing game. During the game (or when there is a loss a life) the player can switch between any of the superheroes (not already being played), and announcer's voice-over tells which character is chosen. Some of the major bosses will also speak briefly before they fight or are defeated; this is affected by the choice of player. If you use the same move too many times, a "cheesy" icon appears, but otherwise has no impact on the game.

Levels Edit

Each level has a title to it, and three sub-stages to it. Most of the sub-stages have a sub-boss to defeat, often a large monster, with the supervillains appearing at the end of the third stage.

  • Level One "Attack of the Molemen!" - Boss is the Mole Man.
  • Level Two "Subatomic Nightmare" - Boss is the Psycho-Man.
  • Level Three "The Last Days of Skrull World" - Boss is the Super-Skrull.
  • Level Four "Atlantean Attack?" - Bosses are Namor and Attuma.
  • Level Five "Is the World Doomed?" - Boss is Doctor Doom.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on September 30th, 1997.

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