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About the game Edit

This was basically just an action/driving simulation game. Basically it was kind of a criminal type game because you had to drive away from the cops, if you were driving recklessly. You basically just drive around, there is somewhat kind of missions to do as well. And this was basically based on Car Chase films in the 1960's. The sequel to this game is Driver 2: The wheelman is back.

Places to travel Edit

There is 4 places that you can drive around. New York, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles. These are just 4 different maps that you can travel, and each one has their own mission to complete. Car chases also to complete. The police will try to catch you to, so be aware!

When was it invented? Edit

This game was invented on June 30, 1999. Based on the car chase films in the 60's and 70's.

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