About the game Edit

Demolition Racer is a vehicular combat racing video game for the PS1 and PC that combines destruction and driving tactics in a fast paced racing environment.

Gameplay Edit

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The aim of the game is to win the race whilst destroying other racers' cars. Players receive points based on the amount of damage they do to other cars, then receive a score multiplier at the end of the game based on their standing in the race. In addition to the normal amounts of points, landing on another car (known in the game as a 'Death From Above') not only merit a large number of points but destroy the victim's car. In No Exit, drivers can smash straight into another car's side at high speed, known as a T-Bone, also wrecking it instantly.

Game Modes Edit

  • Demolition: The object of this mode is to complete the race in the given number of laps by earning damage points inflicted on contestants and reaching the highest rank possible while simultaneously surviving the race. Points were earned by generally smashing against and ramming other contestants and the player's points were multiplied by a certain number based on the player's rank in the final lap at the end of the race. The players could increase their points by inflicting more damage on other contestants, including damaging their contestant's radiator, destroying the contestant's car completely and even by landing on another car, destroying it instantly.
  • The Chase: A standard race where the player is awarded for their placement in the final lap and points are not awarded for aggressiveness.
  • Chicken: The same principle as in The Chase, only the player is the only contestant set on the right side of the race track; every other contestant is set driving in the opposite direction.
  • Last Man Standing: Set in any of the available arenas, players are awarded for causing as much damage amongst contestants as they can as well as surviving the round. The points follow here as they do in Demolition mode. In Demolition Racer: No Exit the scoring system for Last Man Standing was removed, so players must try to survive and be the last car remaining.
  • Suicide: Set in an arena, players are awarded for being the first to demolish their car.
  • No Exit: Although named as a new mode in DR: No Exit, this plays the same as Last Man Standing in the previous versions (damage points multiplied by your position).

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on August 31, 1999.

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