About the game/Story Edit

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The story is set in the future, as aliens have invaded in an attempt to harvest all of Earth's carbon resources (C-12 is a reference to 12C, the most abundant isotope of carbon). The player uses Lieutenant Riley Vaughan, a cybernetichuman soldier, and member of the underground resistance. The player undertakes missions played out in a third-person view, killing aliens and cyborgs, collecting weapons and keys, and the like.

The game opens up at a ruined city as a Resistance drop ship drops off Lieutenant Riley Vaughan to locate an attacked outpost and a missing recon team. He does this with relative ease, finding the outposts wounded soldiers and the recon team. The recon team gives him a detonator and the outpost soldiers give him some explosives. He uses the explosives to clear away a roadblock however the explosion set something off and he continues along his path. During his mission he is periodically updated by Colonel Grisham and Doctor Carter, before the mission Dr. Carter installed an alien optical implant connected to an imaging unit in Vaughan that has the ability to detect enemies and give information about them.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on July 22nd, 2002.

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