About the game Edit

This is pretty much the same gameplay as the other games.

5 Teams of Characters Edit

Team 1:

  • Subaru Shinjo - The main character of the game. The son of Sho Shinjo and Cupido, Subaru is a traveling swordsman who seeks to locate the whereabouts of his missing uncle, Eiji.
  • Naru Amoh - Kayin Amoh's foster daughter who was last seen as a playable character in Toshinden 3 (albeit when she was a small child). Now that she's a teenager, Naru joins forces with Subaru and Rook in order to participate in the tournament, hoping that she'll be able to figure out on what had happened to her foster father, who had disappeared after the events of Toshinden 3.
  • Rook Castle - A nunchaku-wielding American youth who dreams to meet and test his own fighting skills against his idol, Eiji Shinjo from within the tournament. Aside from that, he also wants to find a mysterious ninja girl who had defeated him in a street fight from within the past.

Team 2:

  • Puella Marionette - A young petite Swiss girl who fights to defend the world's peace while wielding the Suzaku Bow (the same weapon that Uranus had used from within Toshinden 2). Uranus was her mother.
  • Lancelot Lakeknight - A noble yet cowardly English fencer who seeks to improve himself after a past battle against Naru.
  • Fen Barefoot - A young Brazilian boy/fisherman who seeks revenge against Genma for the death of his grandfather. He has a pet pig named Wolfy who accompanies him wherever he goes and that Wolfy is able to attack if given a command from Fen.

Team 3:

  • Genma - A mysterious yet malevolent Chinese magician who seeks to gain the four holy weapons for his own personal greed. He is extremely old, more than 2,000 years old.
  • Miyabi - A young Japanese kunoichi who was kidnapped by Genma and brainwashed into becoming his personal servant.
  • Bang-Boo - A Cuban cyborg who has been programmed to work for Genma and Miyabi.

Team 4 (unlockable characters):

  • Eiji Shinjo
  • Eos - An Italian angel-like altered human who works with Eiji from within the Gerard Foundation. She keeps her eyes closed and rarely opens them.
  • Zero - A Greek synthetic human who also works with Eiji from within the Gerard Foundation.

Team 5 (unlockable characters):

  • Vermilion

When was it invented Edit

This was released in 1999.