About the game Edit

The gameplay of Nitoshinden is different from the main series. Each characters' move list has been reduced to 6 attacks; 4 standard attacks, a special attack and a desperation attack.

The normal attacks roughly correspond to standard Toshinden attacks. There is a hard attack, light attack, low attack and either a medium or 360 degree attack (depending on the character). There is no real combo ability but some attacks can be chained together.

The game features a different defense system to standard Toshinden games. The side step moves still exist, however blocking of other attacks is now done with a parry button that repels an opponent's attack, stunning them for a short time.

Areas in Nitoshinden are all school-based locations and feature walled-in arenas, similar to Battle Arena Toshinden 3.

Characters Edit

  • Baifu
  • Eiji
  • Ellis
  • Sofia
  • Ryuji
  • Rika
  • Shu
  • Tracy
  • Vermilion

When was it released Edit

This game was released in 1996, only in Japan.