About the game Edit

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The player selects a team, aiming to win promotion from the "B" Division, to the "A" and then Premier Division. If in the top four by mid-season in any division, the player's team will be invited to the Off-The-Wall Indoor Invitational. After winning the Premier Division, the player's team will be invited to represent the United States in the Astonishingly Shiny Cup of All Cups Tournament (a spoof of the FIFA World Cup). Regardless of the tournament's outcome, the player's team will be placed back in the Premier Division for another chance at the Cup.

Power-ups Edit

There are several power-ups that a team can use. To activate a power-up, the player has to click on the opponent's goal.

  • Cannon—The player launches a fast and powerful shot
  • Underground—The ball goes underground and pops up in a random place.
  • Bowling Ball—The ball transforms into a giant bowling ball knocking over any opposing players.
  • Tracer—The ball is controlled using the cursor. The player clicks where he or she wants the ball to go.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on September 28, 2001.

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