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About the game Edit

Aqua GT features three modes: Championship, Arcade and Two-player.

Championship mode is the main single player game, where you advance through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champions League. In the Arcade gameplay mode you have to beat the clock. In two-player split screen mode you go head to head against another player.

The game features over 50 races and a wide variety of race vehicles, from jetboats, monos, batwings and catamarans, culminating in the Aqua GT Championship.

There are 5 boats to choose from, and you can unlock another 15 while progressing through the game. All boats vary inspeed, acceleration and handling.

The tracks are set in canals of major cities, like London, Venice, Paris, Tokyo, Rhineland, Amsterdam and New York City. Each track has a high or low tide, and you can race at day time or during the night time.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on January 26, 2001. But this game was only for Europe.

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